Wonga Loans: 0843 487 1694

Contact Wonga Loans on their UK customer service phone number 0843 487 1694 for information about their range of payday loans, to let them know you are having difficulties making the repayment on your loan and to get technical support for their online borrowing service.

Call Wonga Loans’ UK based contact number on 0843 487 1649.

Thankfully this will connect you directly to a customer representative rather than an automated service. I must make it clear that I strongly advise calling this number before using the Wonga services. It is a good idea to fully discuss the ramifications of a loan with the Customer Services Representative and make the most of Wonga’s trained team of staff who are able to give the benefit of human interaction and full discussion.

Payday loans are by their nature, a risky endeavour and not a reliable solution to financial difficulties. However, taking out a small amount of money over a relatively short period of time may not be as taxing as the APR would suggest.

For instance, borrowing £100 over the average rate of 17 days would yield an overall repayment of £123.44.

This being said, it is imperative that you call this number to elucidate all the terms of your borrowing before making any commitments. Contacting this number is the best way to decide whether the services provided by Wonga are suitable for your needs. Additionally, it is best to be fully clear about the terms and rates of the company’s repayments. I recommend the number for full insight and support regarding any potential loans with the company.

Furthermore, you should contact the above Customer Services number to discuss any unforeseen circumstances or difficulties you have with your loan. If you’re having any worries regarding the money you owe, then calling this number provide you assistance

The Wonga contact number has the benefit of a line open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, it must be noted that a 0843 number is a revenue generating number. It is difficult to clarify the exact cost of calling a 0843 number as they could belong in any of BT’s 17 pricing bands but it is safe to assume, it would be no more expensive than 7p a minute from a BT landline. I recommend calling the number with clear enquiries in mind to put forth to the representative and to keep the length of the call as short as possible.

Wonga.com is a British payday loan company, offering ‘short-term, high-cost’ credit. Wonga’s services should be treated with caution and the lender has been widely criticised by the interest charged on its payday loans. In fact, the interest can equate to an annual percentage rate of more than 5000%.

Wonga invented fully automated risk processing technology to provide loans from the convenience of laptop, tablet or mobile.

However, I affirm the importance of calling the above number if considering borrowing.

Contact Wonga Loans on their UK telephone number 0843 487 1694 to make an early repayment toward your loan, to find out how to use their online service and to check out the interest rates that apply to their payday loans.