West Bromwich Building Society: 0345 241 3784

Phone the West Bromwich Building Society on their contact number 0345 241 3784 for general enquiries about their various savings accounts, home insurance policies and mortgages, which include first-time-buyer and remortgage services from The West Brom.

Contact the West Bromwich Building Society on 0345 241 3784. Calling this UK number will put you through to the General Enquiries department, where a Customer Services Representative will be waiting to take your call. The West Bromwich Building Society operates using a range of specialized departments, which all pertain to a different area of customer support, such as mortgage and insurance guidance or when it comes to processing complaints. However, I still recommend using the General Enquiries number as above, as it is just as easy to call a single number and be directed to the most suitable extension, or even attempt to have your query dealt with by the more than capable General Enquiries advisors. Callers should use the above number to help with a range of issues from basic account management, involving monitoring interest rates and savings to applying for borrowing or setting up internet banking.

The West Bromwich Building Society General Enquiries helpline is open from 8:30am-7pm, Monday to Friday, and 8:30am – 12:30om on Saturday. The line is closed on a Sunday. Bromwich Building Society uses the regional calling code of ‘03’ and therefore charges the same standard rate of calling 01 and 02 numbers. Calls are just as cheap on a mobile as a landline service, though further network charges may apply.

West Bromwich Building Society is a UK building society, suitably headquartered in West Bromwich, England. However, the purpose-built headquarters changed from West Bromwich High Street, were relocated to the All Saints area of town in 2010. The West Bromwich Building Society is philanthropic in nature, and each year supports a local charity, and encourages its staff to take an active involvement. In my opinion, this humanitarian approach is seen in the support and assistance provided by the Customer Care team.

Contact The West Brom on their customer service telephone number 0345 241 3784 to open a new savings & ISA account, to apply for a mortgage and to insure your house with the West Bromwich Building Society.