Visa Credit Card: 020 7795 5777

Contact Visa by calling their London head office phone number 020 7795 5777 directly to make general enquiries about their card payment systems, to report a fraudulent physical or online transaction and to report a lost or stolen credit card.

Call Visa Credit Card on their UK number on 020 7795 5777.

Contact this number for general enquiries and to reach the Visa Customer Queries Team, which is based in the United States of America. Visa is the name of the payment system, rather than a credit card in itself; therefore, card providers issue their credit cards using Visa’s system. The Visa Company is not a lender. Therefore, if your enquiries pertain to the rates, terms and conditions of your credit and repayments, you should contact the card provider, usually a bank or supermarket.

Alternatively, the Visa helpline is for concerns relating to the electronic payments using the Visa system, and for support when it comes to concerns regarding loss, fraud or theft.

Simply, for account specific problems, consult your card provider, whom may tell you to contact Visa. This is the number for assistance for electronic payments using the Visa transfer system.

When contacting the Customer Queries Team, you will be prompted to provide your card issuer’s name, the country of card issuance and your card type, which in this case will be a credit card. Alternatively, you can provide the first 6 digits of your card number. These details will allow the representative to consult your transaction information immediately, and help them to get to the root of the problem you are having.

The above line is a 020 number, meaning it has the same charges as any call to a London regional number. Calls cost no more than calls to UK geographic numbers; despite it being a US based Customer Queries Team. Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9 pence per minute whereas mobiles typically cost between 8 pence and 40 pence per minute.

Visa Credit Cards describe the cards issued by Banks and Supermarkets that use the Visa Service. These banks set the rates and terms of your borrowing. Visa inc, however, is an American multinational financial services corporation headquartered in California. The Company is known for facilitating electronic funds transfers throughout the world and in fact over 70% of Visa transactions pertain to the use of debit rather than credit cards.

Visa inc is not an issuer of cards, extend credits or set fees for consumers, however the above helpline is still a great support when looking for technical assistance for Visa branded payment products.

Phone Visa UK customer services on their dedicated contact number 020 7795 5777 to report a fraudulent transaction that was made using your credit card, to notify them that you are having problems using their card payment systems and to report your card as lost or stolen.