TSB: 0345 835 3844

Call TSB on their UK banking helpline number 0345 835 3844 to contact general enquiries over the phone about your current account, credit card, mortgage and insurance policy, furthermore you can check the interest rates that apply to their loans and savings accounts by calling this number.

Call TSB’s UK number on (+44) 345 835 3844.

When contacting this helpline, you will be put through to a trained support team, after stating the reason for your call in an automated service. However, it is worth noting that TSB definitely provides one of the most user-friendly experiences. The automated service is easy to use and will soon direct you to a real-life representative. Callers can present any of their banking related concerns when contacting these representatives. The trained team is responsive and able to answer any enquiries, relating from both establishing and using Current Accounts to consulting advisors in regards to Borrowing and Insurance. TSB has a single, cohesive line than will able to direct your call to particular specialists when necessary. Lines are open 24 –hours a day, seven says a week and as it is a +44 (0) 3 number, calls are charged the same rate as calling an 01 or 02 number as from a UK landline. Calls from mobiles may be marginally more expensive depending on the minutes deals provided by your phone company.

However, TSB also has an on-line Help Centre, which too emphasises usability. Browsers can simply type in a question into a Help Box, which should prompt a related response. However, for the reassurance of a human voice at the end of the line, I recommend the aforementioned Helpline.

TSB specialises in local, consumer related banking, meaning it doesn’t engage with investment banking, overseas speculation or big corporate finance.

TSB is a UK based financial institution, and the money deposited by its local customers is invested only in local UK people and businesses. TSB Bank plc is the principal subsidiary of TSB Banking Group plc. TSB operates a nationwide network of 631 branches across England, Scotland and Wales. TSB launched on 9 September 2013, with more than 4.6 million customers and over £20 billion loans and customer deposits. Famously, TSB was formed from a number of Lloyds TSB branches in England and Wales, all branches of Cheltenham & Gloucester and the business of Lloyds TSB Scotland.

Contact TSB on their general enquiries phone number 0345 835 3844 to open a credit account or savings fund and to get support for your loan, mortgage or credit card repayments.