Swinton Insurance: 0800 107 2534

Contact Swinton Insurance for free by dialling their UK freephone number 0800 107 2534 for car insurance quotes, to make a claim on your home policy and for van breakdown cover.

Customer service agents for Swinton Insurance are available to be contacted via their freephone number 0800 107 2534 for general enquiries about their policies and to locate your nearest branch. Alternatively if you are an existing policyholder you can use the table provided here to contact a specific department directly:

Swinton insurance department Phone number
General enquiries 0800 107 2534
Swinton car insurance 0800 138 2412
Home insurance enquiries 0800 588 4754
Van insurance customer services 0800 781 8569
Taxi insurance queries 0800 116 4181
Swinton life insurance 0800 188 4552
Business policy advice 0800 116 4181

Alternatively Swinton’s contact listings webpage displays their contact numbers as well as links to email services, an online branch locator and account login settings

Phone Swinton Insurance by dialling their UK contact number 0800 107 2534 for free to get a quote on a car insurance policy, to make a claim on your home property policy following a fire and for business cover enquiries.