Scottish Building Society: 0131 313 7700

Contact the Scottish Building Society on their UK phone number 0131 313 7700 for general enquiries about their financial planning services, to open a new savings account and to get your property mortgaged with this independent building society.

Contact the UK number for Scottish Building Society by using 0131 313 7700. Calls to this number will connect you to the Head Office, where you can be directed to a further line that may better suit your customer needs. The Scottish Building Society does not have a helpline for General Enquiries; rather, callers must put forth their questions and concerns to their local branch. Therefore, I recommend that callers use this number for Head Office, where you can ask for the extension for your local branch, and be directed accordingly. This is the option for existing customers. When speaking to a representative from your local branch, there is the advantage of the advisor having access to your complete account details, wherein they are able to more specifically respond to your queries and will be equipped with account-specific information.

There are different lines to be contacted if you are a new or prospective customer, with a separate line for new savings enquiries and one for new mortgage enquiries. Still, callers can use the above Head Office number and be directed to the relevant department, wherein a more suitable member of staff can provide support. Therefore, if you’re unsure about your eligibility for mortgages, would like interest rates and policy clarified or would simple like to be told the best bargains, such a result should be manageable after using the initial number.

The Scottish Building Society lines are all open from 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday, with a later opening time of 10am from Wednesday. The lines are available from 9am -12pm on Saturdays and are closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays. As the Head Office line uses a ‘01’ number and the subsequent lines for New Savings and New Mortgages use ‘03’ numbers, there is merely the standard regional rate charge throughout when calling the Scottish Building Society. This should be the same basic rate from landlines and mobiles and these types of calls are normally included in bundles minutes and unlimited fixed call packages.

The Scottish Building Society is a UK based building society, dating from 1848, headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland. The society is both the oldest building society in the World and the last remaining building society based in Scotland, the mutual has over 60 locations. An old society, Scottish has a long precedent of excellent Customer Service which is certainly evident in its operations today.

Phone 0131 313 7700 to contact the Scottish Building Society on their national number about their comprehensive range of first-time mortgage and remortgaging options, where you can also open a savings account or ISA fund.