RBS: 0345 900 0400

Contact the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) on their UK phone number 0345 900 0400 for general enquiries about their range of personal financial services which include current & savings accounts, loans, mortgages, insurance policies and investment funds.

(+44) 345 9000 400 is the number to call to be put through to RBS’s UK General Enquiries Team.

However, there is a separate number to contact for accountholders in Scotland at +3457 242 424. Callers to this number will engage with a team of trained professionals, able to answer any banking concerns you may have. For instance, although RBS has separate lines for immediate emergencies, such as lost or stolen cards or fear of account fraud, these number are wholly sufficient when solving the more general problems a customer may have. Therefore, customers should feel confident that the General Enquiries team has the skills and knowledge to assist with a large range of problems. Alternatively, the line is able to direct a call to the relevant department. RBS assists customers with a host of issues, from account policy to discussing rates and deals. However, it must be noted that if your problem is tailored to your particular account, then RBS suggests you call your local branch, as they will have the required documentation to provide full support. Thankfully, the General Enquiries line can still direct you accordingly.

The General Enquiries line is open from Monday – Friday, 8am – 8pm and Saturday from 9am – 4pm. As these are 03 numbers, calls should calls cost the same as they would to any 01 or 02 landline and should be no more expensive as a commercial line.

RBS, or The Royal Bank of Scotland plc, is a retail banking subsidiary or The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc, and with NatWest and Ulster Bank constitutes the group’s banking and financial services across the UK and Ireland.

The Royal Bank of Scotland has roughly 700 branches, which although are most populous in Scotland, are still very frequent in the larger towns and cities across the UK. However it is worth noting that the Royal Bank of Scotland, and its parent, the Royal Bank of Scotland Group are completely separate from the fellow Edinburgh based bank, ‘the Bank of Scotland’, which predates the former by 32 years.

Phone the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) by calling their general enquiries contact number 0345 900 0400 to open a new current account, savings account or mortgage. You can also phone this number to report a lost or stolen credit card and apply for a loan.