Newbury Building Society: 01635 555 777

Phone Newbury Building Society on their contact number 01635 555 777 for general enquiries about their comprehensive range of mortgages, to open or manage your savings account funds and to find your nearest UK branch.

Contact Newbury Building Society’s UK Customer helpline on 01635 555777. Call this number to be put through to Newbury’s support team. Calling this number will connect you to customer advisors, but unlike other building societies, are not parts of a centralized customer care unit. Newbury Building Society in fact connects your call to your local branch during opening hours, where you will be able to discuss your problems or present your queries to a local member of staff. This said, you are expected to be an existing customer; wherein the support offered by the local branch staff is built upon the account information held in your branch. It is therefore difficult to comment on the quality of the Newbury customer advisors, as each branch will have a different team. However, in my experience, the representatives have been nothing but efficient and helpful, which I imagine is indicative of the training given throughout.

Callers to this number have the advantage of speaking to local branch staff, whom are able to fully discuss the full range of branch services and products, such as the mortgage and saving accounts, in equal detail. Furthermore, the advisors are each able to detail and explain matters such as account policy or interest rates, regardless of branch. There is also an online literature library, wherein customers can download information and forms pertaining to common customer concerns and frequently asked questions. However, I would always recommend the interactive quality of contacting a human advisor using the helpline.

The Newbury Building Society helplines are open from Mondays to Fridays, 9am-5pm, and until 5:30pm in the Basingstoke branch. It must be noted however, that on Wednesdays, the lines are open from 9:30-5pm, and again until 5:30pm in the Basingstoke branch. During Weekends, the lines are open from 9am-12noon on Saturdays and closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays. On Saturdays, Basingstoke again has increased availability, and is open to 3pm. As the line uses a ‘01’ number, calls are only charged the standard rate for geographical calls, which should be very low cost from both landlines and mobiles. However 03 calls are normally included in bundles minutes and unlimited fixed call packages.

The Newbury Building Society is fittingly, a building society based in Newbury, Berkshire, in the south of England. Also known as ‘the Newbury’, the society was established in 1856 and is one of the oldest surviving building societies in the UK. Across its 11 branches, the societies offer a range of financial products and services, focusing on savings and mortgage products. The Newbury has assets totalling in excess of £731 million.

Contact Newbury Building Society by calling their customer service phone number 01635 555 777 to get in touch with a trained financial who will help with your savings account, mortgage or ISA fund.