Lloyds Bank: 0345 300 0000

Contact Lloyds Bank by calling their customer service telephone number 0345 300 0000 for general enquiries about their range of current accounts, credit cards & savings accounts and to apply for a loan or mortgage.

Contact Lloyds Bank UK Customer Services helpline number on (+44) 345 300 0000.

However, this number is only for existing customers, and after calling, you will be prompted to enter your account or card number in an automated phone service. After entering your respective numbers, you will have the option to speak to a Customer Services representative, who will then be able to deal with your enquiries directly. These representatives are all fully equipped to consult with customers regarding a large range of issues, from reviewing bank policy, to detailing account activity and discussing rates. However, the representative may direct you to a more specialized department, reached through a different number that is better suited to resolve particular problems. Examples of these extensions include a number for Internet Banking Queries, a number for lost cards, complaints and for looking to take out a credit card.

The Lloyds Bank UK Customer Services helpline is a 24-hour number and so is always available to call. Although the requirement to go through an automated system may be a draw back, the constant availability of the helpline makes it one of the more Customer Friendly numbers to call when contacting a bank. Similarly, the support staff is highly responsive and attentive to the concerns raised by a caller.

As the line is a (+44) 03 number, calls are no more expensive than calling a (+44) 01 or (+44) 02 region number from a UK landline.

However, charges from mobiles may be higher depending on your service provider. There are separate numbers for New or Prospective Customers.

Lloyds Bank plc is a UK based retail and commercial bank, with branches across England and Wales. Lloyds Bank has a history spanning hundreds of years and was founded in Birmingham during 1765, expanding in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to become one of the ‘Big Four’ clearing banks it is today. Lloyds is a principal subsidiary of the Lloyds Banking Group, which was famously formed in 2009 following the acquisition of HBOS by the Lloyds TSB Group. Lloyds TSB is now known as Lloyds Bank, with TSB divesting from the Group in 2013.

Phone Lloyds Bank on their general enquiries contact number 0345 300 0000 to open a new current & savings account, to apply for a loan or mortgage and to contact customer services to report a lost or stolen debit or credit card.