Ikano Bank: 0843 504 8704

Phone Ikano Bank on their UK customer service contact number 0371 781 3080 or call 0115 850 3039 (at local rate) or 0843 504 8704 (at ‘lo-call’ rate) for general enquiries about the interest rates on their loans, savings accounts and store credit cards.

To Contact Ikano Bank, use their UK Customer Helpline number: 0371 781 3080. Ikano Bank is particular for its focus on offering personal reassurance to customers across the common concerns they may have when banking. This said, a large part of Ikano’s phone services focuses on offering financial support to customers, whether its helping secure manageable repayment rates, alleviating anxieties about borrowing or even helping customer with the complaints procedure. What’s more is that Ikano even can direct customers to charities focusing on assisting people with financial management and recovery.

If you’re a concerned customer with problems that may incur the need of banking support or assistance, Ikano is definitely one of the better Banks to be with. A customer-focused ethics is certainly put forth throughout the company. However, across accounts with any bank, it is always much more preferable to avoid interest charges by meeting the minimum monthly repayments. Ikano may be helpful in explaining their measures to assist those who struggle to meet repayments but are limited in what they can do to those facing such struggle.

Furthermore, the above number is also suitable for new or prospective customer who would like account details explained and clarified before making the commitment to join Ikano. For instance, if you would like a full and detailed account of the repercussions of joining Ikano, such as the rates and protection across all types of loans, then such information is available when calling the helpline. However, for general enquiries that do not relate to an account with Ikano, you are able to use to send an email. It is imperative that account information is not sent as part of this email as this breaches security measures for banking and any account specific queries will not be addressed in this manner. The Ikano Customer Helpline also provides assistance across matters such as reporting lost or stolen cards, insurance and any enquiries that pertain to their full range of products and services.

The Ikano Customer Helpline is open Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 9:00am, Saturdays from 8:30am – 8:30pm and Sundays from 10:00am -1:00pm. Ikano therefore has the benefit of widely accessible opening hours when compared to other retail banks. All calls to 03 numbers charge the same rate as 01 and 02 numbers and are just as cheap on a mobile as a landline service, though further network charges may apply. However 03 calls are normally included in bundles minutes and unlimited fixed call packages.

Contact Ikano Bank on their general enquiries phone number 0371 781 3080 for customer service advice on their store credit cards, to report a lost or stolen card and to apply for a new loan or savings account.