Harrods Bank Credit Card: 0800 387 704

Contact Harrods Bank for free on their freephone telephone number 0800 387 704 to apply for their credit cards, to open a new savings account and to apply for an investment account, whereby you can invest in solid gold bullion.

Call 0800 387704 for the Harrods Bank London Brach number, situated in the Harrods Department Store. Contact this number to put forward any enquiries regarding the Harrods Bank Credit Card, which in itself is issued by American Express (Amex).

However, you can still contact this number to enquire about the terms and conditions of the application process of the card, or the interest and repayment charges as an existing customer. This said, the team at Harrods Bank might direct your call or give you the number for an American Express, as the latter is technically the card provider, despite Harrods lending its name to it.

Similarly, make sure to distinguish the Harrods American Express Card from the Harrods reward card, which gives you rewards for your services in the department store. The confusion arises from the fact Harrods American Express Credit Card offers similar in-store perks however, unlike the reward card; it is a product of borrowing from a commercial bank setting. The Harrods American Express Card has benefits including the chance to redeem points for unique experiences, such as a free night in the Ritz Paris for £40,000, which reflects the company’s exclusive nature – to earn these points, you would have to spend between £30,000 – £40,000 using the card. However, it takes only a deposit of £150 to qualify for the card.

Call the Harrods Bank helpline for support when it comes to queries relating to this card and for the advisor to discuss all the services you may qualify when using the Bank.

The bank is known to represent the luxury end of the market, but as evidenced by the American Express Harrods Credit Card, the Bank is more inclusive in some regards. I recommend calling the above number if considering the services provided by Harrods Bank. The team of representatives are all very informative and the financial support they offer is superior to that available on-line.

The line is open from 10am – 7pm, Monday – Saturday. As the number begins with 0800, the cost of calling from a landline is free. It therefore makes sense to contact Harrods Bank directly if insure about any of its features. However, calls from a mobile could cost up to 20 pence per minute, until 1st July when mobile deals should be cover Freephone numbers in their minutes packages.

Harrods Bank Limited is a private personalized banking service provided by the Harrods store in Knightsbridge, London. Harrods Bank was established in 1893 and caters for high-net-worth individuals. The Bank provides Current and Saving Accounts alongside Mortgages and even a Gold Bullion service. However, as discussed, the American Express Harrods Card is issued by Amex plc.

Contact Harrods Bank Credit Card customer services on their UK telephone number 0800 387 704 for free to report your card as lost or stolen or for general enquiries about their other financial services which include mortgages, investments savings & current accounts.