Furness Building Society: 0800 781 4311

Contact the Furness Building Society on their freephone telephone number 0800 328 1764 to get in touch with customer services for free, to open a new savings account and to apply for a new mortgage or home insurance policy.

Contact the Furness Building Society UK General Enquiry helpline on 0800 781 4311. Call this number for information regarding the full range of Furness’ products and services.

The Customer Service advisors at the end of the General Enquiry helpline offer assistance for most problems you may face as an existing customer. However, for those looking to apply for a new mortgage or who have an existing mortgage that is coming to an end, there are separate lines for each issue. Callers should note that you could and should still contact General Enquiries to be directed accordingly. Furthermore, there is a separate line for saving rates and products, yet callers enquiring about rates pertaining to their own accounts, the specificity of speaking to an advisor with your details is preferable. This could be when discussing your account, borrowing or savings with either a Customer Service advisor or when speaking to an in-branch team member. Customers may also use the above number when looking to book an appointment at their local bank.

General Enquiries encompass a whole assortment of queries, from account security and insurance, to repayments and interest. I advise that any customer with an issue they may be unsure about, call the helpline.
Additionally, there is the option for customers to submit questions using the on-line enquiry form, but for the personal touch, and sensitivity to customer care, or any deals, it is better to use the phone number.

The Furness Building Society General Enquiries helpline is open from 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday, and 9am – 12noon on Saturdays. The line is closed on Sundays. As with all 0800 numbers, the Furness Building Society is completely free to call, incurring no charges from either landlines or mobiles. In such case, it makes sense to put forth any concerns you may have as a customer, as there is absolutely no expense when seeking support.

Furness Building Society is a British building society, which is headquartered in Barrow-on-Furness, Cumbria, England. Established in 1865, Furness is now the 17th largest in the UK with assets totalling over £800 million, yet still retains a reputation for being responsive and community-minded. This is reflected in Furness’ call centre expansion programme in 2009, where the Customer Support team grew in order to offer maintain customer satisfaction and assistance.

Phone Furness Building Society for free on their UK contact number 0800 328 1764 for general enquiries, to get a quote for your home insurance and to check the interest rates that apply to their savings accounts & mortgages.