Cumberland Building Society: 01228 403 141

Phone the Cumberland Building Society on their customer service contact number 01228 403 141 to check the interest rates that apply to their mortgages and savings accounts or to transfer funds from your current account.

Contact Cumberland Building Society on 01228 403 141. Call this number to be put straight through to Cumberland’s Customer Services department, where a representative will be there to take your call. Cumberland Building Society has the benefit of using a single department to address customer queries, meaning that you can put forth a variety of your account related concerns without the need to be redirected. Therefore, callers should be prepared to present a whole host of enquiries relating to the Business Society. There is also the option to call your local branch, but using the above number will be just as effective when looking for a solution to your problem. Similarly, you can post your issue on an online form, waiting for a call back, but again, I recommend contacting Customer Services directly.

Cumberland Building Society has a responsive and helpful staff, which is equally equipped to deal with general enquiries to more sensitive matters such as handling your account and rates to complaints. You can also use the above number to begin the application process as both a prospective member of the building Society or borrower when it comes to the Mortgage or Credit department.

The opening hours for the Cumberland Building Society are Monday to Friday, 8am- 8pm, Saturday 8:30-4pm and Sunday 10am- 4pm. As Cumberland Building Society uses a 01 are code, the charges to the caller are that of a standard regional number and the cost from a BT landline should be that of a standard network call. However, calls from mobiles may induce further charges.

The Cumberland Building Society has a long history and was established in 1850, as the then called ‘Cumberland Co-operative Land and Benefit Building Society’. Cumberland therefore has a long precedent of offering support to the members that comprise it. The Society is the 20th largest of its type in the United Kingdom based on total assets of £1.55 billion at the end of 2013’s financial year. The Society specializes in a range of products including savings accounts; mortgages, insurance accounts and other loans, all of which can be arranged and discussed when speaking to an advisor using the number for Customer Services.

Contact Cumberland Building Society Customer Services by calling their telephone number 01228 403 141 to manage your current account or savings plan, alternatively call this helpline to apply for a mortgage.