Cheltenham and Gloucester: 0345 603 1637

Contact Cheltenham & Gloucester on their telephone number 0345 603 1637 to borrow more on your mortgage, to get information about the interest rates that apply to your mortgage or savings account and to switch to a different mortgage.

Contact Cheltenham and Gloucester’s UK mortgage helpline on 0345 603 1637. Call this number as an existing Cheltenham and Gloucester customer and to put forth any enquiries relating to their mortgages. Callers can receive support and advice on a range of issues relating to the mortgages provided by Cheltenham and Gloucester, or be provided with a solution with a particular problem they are facing regarding these mortgages. However, it must be noted that some Cheltenham and Gloucester mortgage accounts have been transferred to and are now handled by TSB. This number is for accounts that remain with Cheltenham and Gloucester and if your mortgage is one that is a result of the transfer, you will need to call a separate TSB line. However, if you are still a customer of TSB, you will find that their mortgage helpline is the best way to settle any customer enquiries bar arranging a consultation in your local branch. The customer services team is both well informed and approachable, offering insights on anything from interest to repayments and even processing complaints.

The Cheltenham and Gloucester mortgage helpline is open 8:30am -9pm, Monday to Friday, and from 8:30am – 1pm on Saturdays. The line is closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays. All calls to 03 numbers charge the same rate as 01 and 02 numbers and are just as cheap on a mobile as a landline service, though further network charges may apply.

Cheltenham and Gloucester plc, known as the abbreviated C&G, is a UK based mortgage and savings provider and a subsidiary of Lloyds banking group. Cheltenham and Gloucester specializes in mortgages and savings yet since September 2013 has been closed to new mortgages, which are now provided by Lloyds. However, the helpline offers ample support for existing mortgage holders who are still with C&G. Although Cheltenham and Gloucester branches were rebranded, along with a number of Lloyds TSB branches as a part of the new TSB Banking Group, it was formerly a building society.

Call Cheltenham & Gloucester’s local-rate telephone contact number 0345 603 1637 for general enquiries about their mortgage packages and savings accounts, where you can get information about the interest rates that apply to your specific account.