Britannia Bank: 0800 028 8288

Contact Britannia Bank for free on their freephone number 0800 028 8288 to manage your existing mortgage and savings account and to apply for a new mortgage, where you can also get information about their interest rates.

To contact Britannia Bank, use their UK Mortgage helpline on 08000 288 288. This number is suitable for callers whom are looking to both make enquiries for potential and upcoming mortgages and discuss existing mortgages or additional borrowing. However, if your mortgage application is currently in process, you will need to clarify this as you make your call. At this stage, you will be directed to the advisor responsible for monitoring existing applications. Therefore, the Britannia Bank Mortgage helpline should be able to more than adequately ease your concerns or provide information regardless of the type of mortgage customer you are. Simply, if you’re new to borrowing, would like to discuss repayments, or would like to stay on top of rates and account policy, this number shall connect you with a representative whom can offer the relevant support. Ultimately, helpful staff makes all the difference when it comes to the fraught area of finances and borrowing and this is evident with Britannia.

Additionally, Britannia Bank has helplines for savings and general helplines. If the nature of your query pertains to these areas, then you have the option to seek the particular department number online or more simply, to use the above helpline number and asked to be directed accordingly. General enquiries include everything from reporting lost or stolen cards to managing account activity. This process should take only a couple of minutes and saves you from the hassle of recording several numbers for a single company. With that said, in my experience Britannia’s customer service staff are nothing but friendly, professional and helpful, both in-branch and over the phone. Whatever number you call, I am confident you will reach supportive and efficient staff.

The Britannia Bank Mortgage helpline is available to call from Monday – Friday, 9am- 8pm and Saturday 9am – 1pm. The line is closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays. However, some of the departments you may wish to be directed to, such as the Savings helpline, have slightly narrower windows in which to call. For instance, the extension for Savings closes at noon on weekends. Therefore, you may wish to limit any call to Britannia within these times. Britannia Bank uses a 08000 number, which is merely a type of 0800 number and therefore still free to call from landlines and mobiles.

Britannia Bank is a former mutual building society, which merged with the Co-operative Financial Services in 2009 and now functions as a trading name of the Co-operative Bank in the United Kingdom. Now Britannia and the Co-operative Bank are known as a ‘super-mutual’, and its members can expect the same services and products that they have come to expect since the merger. Many Britannia Bank branches have been converted and rebranded as Co-op branches but few still exist under the Britannia name.

Phone the Britannia Bank freephone helpline number 0800 028 8288 to contact a mortgage advisor about your existing home loan or to get information about the interest rates that apply to their mortgages and savings accounts.