Bristol and West building society: 0845 300 8000

Contact Bristol & West Building Society on their UK telephone number 0845 300 8000 to manage your existing mortgage and to check the interest rates that apply to their new mortgage products, which are now being provided by the Bank of Ireland.

Call Bristol and West’s UK number on 0845 300 8000 to be put through the former Building Society’s mortgage helpline. However, it is worth noting that since the transfer of Bristol and West’s mortgages to the Bank of Ireland in the latter’s acquisition of the former in 2007, and as such the Bank of Ireland now authorizes and provides these mortgages.

This helpline is designed to offer support to existing mortgage customers, whom may have enquires regarding the nature of their borrowing and the change to policies, rates and interest since the Bank of Ireland absorbed Bristol and West. The customer advisors at Bristol and West can provide guidance when it comes to the transition from paying off a mortgage, which is now provided by the Bank of Ireland Group and the repercussions this may have as an accountholder.

The Bristol and West mortgage helpline is open from Monday to Friday, 8:30 – 6pm. However, some services are only available from 9am -5pm, and so it is advised to call during this time whenever possible. The line is closed on weekends. Be careful when calling this number however as calls to 0845 numbers are not free of charge and can often be deceptively expensive. 0845 numbers, like other business rate numbers can cost anything from 1 to 13 pence from a landline, or 5 to 41 pence from a mobile. In this case, I recommend calling this number if you have a clear idea of the particular issue you would like to discuss, eliminating any extraneous talking. It is also imperative that you have your account details on hand when you call.

Bristol and West is a former building society based in the United Kingdom, which became demutualized and became a commercial bank, owned by shareholders. Bristol and West became a division of Bank of Ireland in 1997, and the Bank took over the provision of Bristol and West’s mortgages in 2007. The Bank of Ireland brand has replaced that of Bristol and West, although the Bristol and West name is often still used and recognized.

Phone Bristol & West Building Society on their UK contact number 0845 300 8000 to pay off your existing mortgage or to apply for a new mortgage with the Bank of Ireland, who took over the building society in 2007.