Bollington Insurance: 01625 854 300

Contact Bollington Insurance by phoning their general enquiries phone number 01625 854 300 for motor trade cover, to make a claim on your business liability policy and for personal car insurance quotes.

Bollington are an independent insurance broker with a national presence throughout the UK, offering a wide range of policies including corporate public liability and dedicated policies for charities. You may phone them on their general enquiries contact number 01625 854 300 to get a quote for personal cover on your home or for business policies including motor fleet. Alternatively if you have an enquiry about a specific type of car insurance or you would like to renew your policy then please call the appropriate helpline from the table below.

Bollington Insurance department Contact number
General enquiries 01625 854 300
Motor trade insurance (business premises) 01625 854 443
Motor trade insurance (working from home) 01625 854 458
Business insurance 01625 348 030
Motor fleet enquiries 01625 348 789
Risk management 01625 348 030
Bollington small business insurance 01625 400 206
Bollington care & charity 01625 348 029
Personal car & home insurance 01625 348 038
Van insurance 01625 348 013
Bollingtons courier policies 01625 348 779

Alternatively you can browse the Bollington website for further information about their various types of personal and business insurance policies, where you can also find careers information about working at the broker.

Phone Bollington Insurance by calling their UK contact number 01625 854 300 to get a quote on your business car insurance policy, to report an accident so that you can claim on your public liability cover and for motor trade renewals.