Bingle Insurance: +61 1300 735 640

Contact Bingle Insurance on their telephone number +61 1300 735 640 if you would like to make a claim on your Australian car insurance policy if you had an accident or vehicle breakdown whilst in the country.

Contact the Bingle Insurance Australian claims team on 1300 735 640.

Call this number if you’re interested in making a claim following an incident that may have caused damage to your auto vehicle. This line is open 24/7 and so can offer customer support any time emergency strikes. The cost of calling 1300 in Australia varies. For instance, calls from landlines and payphones are fixed at a one off low charge and is generally the cheapest way to contact Bingle Insurance’s Claim Team. Although calls from mobiles are timed and have varying rates, it is still possible to save money, as some telephone companies are introducing free calls to 1300 lines as part of their minutes deals.

Unfortunately Bingle has only one contact number to call and can only be reached on the phone when a customer is interested in making an aforementioned claim. For enquiries relating to Car Insurance quotes, policies and the cover you may qualify for, a customer would have to contact Bingle via their website. You can fill out an on-line contact form to reach Bingle’s Customer Service team. Bingle claims to respond to messages within the next working day.

Bingle is an on-line Australian provider of low-cost, fully comprehensive Car Insurance aimed at safe drivers.

As an on-line based company, Bingle asks new customers to answer some basic questions on-line, helping to assess your eligibility for its cover before you can purchase its policy.

Bingle is part of the Suncorp Group, a top 25 ASX listed company, including Australia’s largest general insurance business by Gross Written Premium. Bingle was launched in 2007 and focuses on low-cost insurance for low-risk drivers. As Bingle’s policies are sold completely online, the cost of large overheads is removed from the purchase process, making rated more affordable for the customer.

Bingle’s comprehensive cover car insurance policy includes weather damage, car accidents, theft and damage to other people’s property.

Phone the Bingle Insurance international helpline using the contact number +61 1300 735 640 to enquire about getting your car insured with them whilst you are in Australia and to make a claim if you suffered an accident or breakdown whilst there.