Barclays Insurance: 0800 197 1150

Contact Barclays Insurance on their customer service telephone number 0844 381 5184 for general enquiries about your home, life and health policy or call their freephone helpline 0800 197 1150 to update your car insurance policy.

Call Barclays Car Insurance’s UK helpline on 0800 197 1150.

When contacting this number, you will be put through to a support team, whom are able to respond to any enquiries relating to Barclays Car Insurance, including giving quotes and answering questions regarding eligibility, deals and emergency cover. This number will enable you to address any concerns regarding your auto cover, and the team are fully comprehensive in their knowledge of Car Insurance and vehicle protection.

Calling 0800 numbers are always free of charge, whether from a landline or a mobile, therefore contacting Barclay’s Car Insurance is without any expense whatsoever. Lines are open Monday-Friday, 8am – 10pm, Saturday 8am-6pm and Sunday 10am-4pm.

Additionally, you can contact Barclays Customer Services on 0844 381 5184.

By calling this number, will can be directed to one of Barclays other Insurance services including Life, Health, Home and Travel cover by one of the company’s support team representatives. The team are fully equipped to address all manners of customer support, from enquiries, to knowledge of rates and even customer complaints. Calls to the number cost 5p per minute from a UK BT landline plus extra network charges. Calling from a mobile phone or alternative provider may be more expensive.

Barclays is a British multinational banking and financial services company with its headquarters in London.

Barclays is a universal bank with operations in retail, wholesale and investment banking, as well as wealth management, mortgage lending and of course; insurance services.

Barclays has operations in over 50 countries and territories, serving over 48 million customers.

Phone Barclays for free on their freephone contact number 0800 197 1150 to make changes to your car insurance policy or call their main customer service helpline 0800 197 1150 for health, life and home policy queries.