ASDA Pet Insurance: 0800 181 4904

Contact Asda Money for free on their freephone number 0800 181 4904 to get a quote for their pet insurance policies or call 0844 800 5407 to manage your pet policy and to make a claim if your pet suffers an illness or an accident.

We have helpfully found all the numbers for Asda’s pet insurance policies and provided them in the list below, so if you would like to check if your particular breed of animal will be insured by them or if you need to claim on veterinary bills then please choose the appropriate number here:

Department Phone Number Opening Hours & Notes
Customer services & claims 0844 800 5407 8am-6pm Monday-Friday & 9am-2pm Saturday
Pet Insurance quotes 0800 181 4904 8am-8pm Monday-Friday & 9am-5pm Saturday

If you would rather get a pet insurance quote online or see popular FAQs about their policies you should visit their official website and scroll down to the pet insurance tab.

Phone Asda for free by calling their pet insurance contact number 0800 181 4904 to get a quote for your animal or call 0844 800 5407 if you need to make a claim on vet bills if your pet was injured or ill.